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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Dev Kumari Thapa BIOGRAPHY in nepali and life achievement

Dev Kumari Thapa BIOGRAPHY in nepali and life achievement

Dev Kumari Thapa biography: Dev Kumari Thapa is one of the most established Nepali writers.

Dev Kumari Thapa Childhood
Dev Kumari Thapa Biography

Born in 1984 in place bhitte pahad, Kurseong, Darjeling, India, she has made Biratnagar her home. She was from a very rich family background. But, also she was always on the ground platform. Dev Kumari Thapa mother and father were died when she was child. She was even unable to see her father Hasta Bahadur Singh Katuwal because her father was died when she was inside the belly of her mother. When she was at the age of 10 her mother Rama Devi Singh Katuwal was also died.

Career of Dev Kumari Thapa

When she stepped in the poetry there were very less numbers of poet. She started her writing when she was studing in school. When she was young her beauty was appreciated by everyone. Bhawani Bhichu, Siddhicharan Shrestha and Laxmi Prasad Devkota was also attracted with the beauty of Dev Kumari Thapa. Bhawani Bhichu tried even marry her but she was not in a mood to marry. When she was 25 years old Dramatist Balkrishna Sama and Kavi Siromani Lekhnath Poudel  went to Darjeeling. Her writing was really appreciated by Bhawani Bhichu, Siddhicharan Shrestha and Laxmi Prasad Devkota.

Devkota wrote in this dairy about Dev Kumari thapa about her beauty in everything. to She is the author of several short story collections and children's books, and has headed the Biratnagar Sahitya Sansthan. The story translated below was originally published six years ago in Samakalin Sahitya #14, and it shows off the author's skill in painting an evocative social portrait in a short, concise style. The story captures the turbulence of the life of the simple, earnest, imperfect everyman in a society structured for injusticeShe also worked as nurse in the darjeeling hospital.

Marriage life

In 2017 B.S. She married with Major Gohar Singh Thapa and she came to Nepal by resigning from nurse job from Darjeeling, India. She was childless after her marriage. But she wrote book in this same topic.

Death of Dev Kumari Thapa

 In 2063 B.S. she was suffered from Brain Stroke but after 5 days of her brain stroke she was suffered from Alcer. After this she was died because of bleeding.Ultimately, In Baisakh 22, 2068 B.S. she left the world

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