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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Over 6,000 cabbies booked for various violations

KATHMANDU: The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division (MTPD) has taken action against a total of 6,664 taxi drivers for indulging in unfair business practices and for violating various traffic rules in Kathmandu, so far in the current fiscal year.

According to the statistics shared by the MTPD, the cabbies were booked for operating taxis without the mandatory seal on fare-meter, refusal to provide short distance service to passengers, tampering with and using defunct meter, and bargaining over fare without turning on the meter, among others. The MTPD had taken action against 8,120 taxi drivers in the previous fiscal year 2074/75 BS.

According to the MTPD Chief and Senior Superintendent of Office (SSP) Basanta Panta, noose was tightened against taxi drivers trying to fleecing the passengers. He said, “We have been deploying some 40-50 traffic personnel to keep a close watch on such taxi drivers.”

Such unscrupulous taxi drivers are fined Rs 3,000. The taxi drivers charging arbitrarily or exorbitantly for five times would be recommended by the MTPD to the Office of Transport Management for scrapping of license.

Likewise, taxi drivers bargaining over fare without turning on the meter or using defunct meters were fined Rs 500- Rs 1500.

The MTPD has also urged the passengers to lodge complaint at traffic control room (103) in case they go through above-mentioned circumstances with the taxi drivers.

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