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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Up to Rs 500 fine for vehicles not stopping at Kathmandu zebra crossings

Kathmandu, April 11

Vehicles which do not stop at zebra crossing will be fined up Rs 500, according to a new law.

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City has endorsed a bill which has stated the responsibility of both the diver and the passenger.

Article 12 (D) of the act states that if the driver doesn’t stop at zebra crossing, s/he will be fined up to Rs 500. If it’s the driver’s first offence, s/he will be charged Rs 200, and if continued, will be charged Rs 500.

Similarly, public vehicle drivers who treat their passengers rudely or stop vehicles at random places will also be levied a fine of Rs 500.

A fine will also be levied on public vehicles which stop at bus stops for longer than the set time and those who blow horns needlessly. In the first offence, the driver will be fined Rs 200, after which s/he will be fined Rs 500 for each offence.

A committee has been formed which will monitor public vehicles in a regular basis.

The new rules which will be implemented in Kathmandu will likely to come under effect next month.


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