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Sunday, May 5, 2019

Biratnagar locals on strike against NCP

Biratnagar, May 6

The indefinite strike in Biratnagar staged by political groups in the city has made life difficult for the locals.

The political groups and workers are protesting Nepal Communist Party’s decision to make Biratnagar the capital of Province 1 while developing infrastructures further away from the capital.

Nepali Congress, Federal Socialist Forum Nepal, Rastriya Janata Party and various industrialists have opposed the decision. Even local municipal committee of the NCP is against the decision.

The political parties and pressure groups want the infrastructures to be developed in Biratnagar itself. NCP had decided to move them to Itahari and Sundarharicha. They feel that it is a plot to change the capital in the near future.

The strike, however, has affected life in Biratnagar. Industries, factories and markets are closed along with short and long route public transports. However, many schools have remained open.


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