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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Ruslan launches swimsuit calendar featuring brand ambassador Priyanka Karki

Kathmandu, May 7

Ruslan introduces its first-ever hi-fashion swimsuit calendar featuring its brand ambassador Priyanka Karki.

A first for Nepal, this calendar aims to collaborate and elevate fashion standards at par with global levels, creating new benchmarks for the industry. The calendar has been shot by photographer Sanjog Rai.

Priyanka Karki who is known to push the boundaries with her commitment to her craft said, “Being on a swimsuit calendar is physically and mentally demanding, but I believe that one has no choice but to work hard to do big and different things”.

The trend of brand association through hi-fashion calendars is prevalent globally and some of them top world-class brands. Each page of the Ruslan swimsuit calendar was shot at Tiger Palace Resort in Bhairawa.

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